dropbox DROPBOX! Prepare to safely archive your data and prepare to share files with lab partners. See Archive Data link.

The current, preferred method for archiving data files is to use DropBox.
Get DropBox Free!

DropBox allows you to upload files, organize with folders, created SHARED folders. They give you 2GB of storage and in a few minutes you can get another 250MB or so for simply watching their short tutorials.

Students can each create their own free account via DropBox.
One student can create a folder called "PhysicsLab."
Then the student can share that folder (via a very simple sharing form at DropBox) with other students in the group.
At the end of class, upload all files to one dropbox account and all students will have the files on their home computers when they get home (the file transfer happens immediately.)
That's right! ONE upload and ALL students have a copy!

DropBox can be accessed via the website for upload/download. DropBox can also be accessed right from you Desktop and even some smart devices.

Be sure to go through the tutorials to learn how dropbox works. (By going through tutorials, which only takes a couple minutes, you get more free storage space.)

Sign up today for your free account: Get DropBox Free!

See more features here:
DropBox Features

One way to archive data is using USB flash-drives. They are fairly inexpensive and easy to use. (There is a different option below; but most recommended is DropBox, above.) Please remember a few tips when using usb in our labs: 0) There is a powered iogear usb hub at each station underneath the monitor. 1) Do NOT have usb stick plugged into computer when DataStudio is open. 2) Do NOT save nor open files directly from the usb device. Instead, drag the file to the desktop and work from there. Quit the application! When quit, drag the file back to the usb device. 3) "Put Away" the device before unplugging. Right click and choose "Put Away." Or drag it to the trash (which becomes an eject symbol.) Or click the eject button in the Finder next to the device name.


I downloaded the clem site on my computer, but I dont know how to access the file that i saved in class. what do i do to obtain what was put into my account on monday?Evans, John
Wed. 16, Feb 2005, 02:48
This doesn't mean anything to me:
"I downloaded the clem site on my computer..."

Please watch
located on the Lab CD in "01AboutComputers"

If you use MSWindows, then
please watch
located on the Lab CD in "03SoftwareInstallers/Windows/sftp_installers/"
Wed. 16, Feb 2005, 07:52

I've downloaded the SSH, was able to log on, but cannot recieve my archive data from lab. What am i doning wrong?Anonymous
Mon. 21, Feb 2005, 22:24
I cannot help you with your personal computer.
All I can suggest is that you make certain the file on the server has an extension (.ds or .xls or .doc or .something)
Watch the Movie on the Lab CD in SoftwareInstallers/Windows/sftp about the sshClient.
Tue. 22, Feb 2005, 12:43

just wondering how i can create a web page using this clem. any help. i need a public_html folder yeh??
thanks in advance
bass, daniel
Mon. 13, Feb 2006, 03:31
In Metro Connect do the following:
Go to "My Services/Registration"
Click on "My Services" button.
Yes, log in again. :(
Click "Clem Account Management Services"
Activate your Clem account.

Once you have created your site and activated your user account, you are ready to make your site accessible to the world.

You will need to follow the following basic steps to publish your web site:

Login to your Clem account.
Windows users
Click on Start
Click on Run
Type telnet If you are at home, you must be dialed into your Internet Service Provider.
Apple users
Use "Terminal" app in the Applications/Utilities directory. Type ssh -l yourUserName

Next you will need to configure your account to serve web documents.
At the % prompt type webaccess and hit enter
This statement sets the access rights so that others can view your web pages.

3. Now that your account is configured to serve web pages, all you need to do is upload (ftp) your files into your account. The ftp host will be and the path to your web site directory is ~username/public_html (where "username" is your network id). You may use whichever FTP application you are comfortable with. Just make sure that you transfer all graphics files in binary mode and all text files in ascii mode.

(Click here for information about using FTP from campus to copy these files from your computer to Clem).

4. The name of your main page should be "index.htm".

5. Your web site is now on-line and accessible by the World. Your web address is:
(example - )

Let me know, if you need help with this.
Wed. 15, Feb 2006, 09:53

The instructions above no longer apply - I have tried two browsers and do not get the tabs and options indicated. The instructions say you must call someone, but I can only do this at times no one is there. It says to telnet or SSH, but I don't currently know how to do that from my home computer. Please update your instructions or let me know how to do this with what is on the site now. Thanks.
Current Clem page info: (no place to click box and get info as specified above)
If you already have a CLEM account and you have forgotten your CLEM password, please call the IT Help Desk at 1-877-352-7548 (1-877-35AskIT). If you need an account on the CLEM server, chances are that the account already exists.
If you are enrolled in a CS or CIS class the account is automatically created within 24 hours of your registration.
To access your account or to see if you have a CLEM account do the following:
1. Telnet or SSH to (If needed, ask your Instructor for additional details)
2. At the login prompt type your userid (the username you use for MetroConnect)
3. At the password prompt type the password using {{last 4 digits of your 900#}{Month - 2 digits}{Day of birth ? 2 digits} and press enter.
4. If your account exists you should see a welcome message and a prompt.
5. If your account has not been created you will not be able to login, and you should contact the Help Desk at 1-877-352-7548 (1-877-35AskIT).

Sat. 16, Aug 2008, 18:25
Wow! I.T. changed things, big time! I am communicating with them to get all Physics students a clem account. In the meantime, you can call IT to get your clem account initiated. You can access ssh in the Physics lab. Find "Terminal" in the dock (right hand side of screen.) type ssh
I am so sorry. I was not made aware of the changes until this semester by you and one instructor who stumbled across it.
Tue. 19, Aug 2008, 14:58

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