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On each page draw a picture of the problem and label all the values and variables, then show all your work. Finally, state the results formally (draw a box or something and be certain it is in plain English, not shorthand notation...). Compare the expected value to the measured value (on each page do this calculation) using a percent discrepancy.

The extra page for the third exercise will be graph paper (Step 2 of Experiment 3).
There should be a piece of graph paper in your manual. You can also find graph paper at Print It

Please turn off the digital balance when finished.
Please clean up and organize equipment as seen in the picture below.

Each station in NC3606 should have approximately:
1x 1g
2x 2g
1x 5g
3x 10g
3x 20g
5x 50g
7x 100g
Problem three deals with finding the C.G. for a two dimensional object.
It is so critical for pilots to know the C.G. of their plane.
Here are some links I found in just a couple minutes of Internet searching
And this last page from Austin Watson I found this file: Weight and Balance Spreadhseet
And if you want to get into computer simulated flying, check out X-Plane.
Years ago I was flying along with x-plane enjoying my new found love of flying
and suddenly I crashed and burned.
I had no idea why. My elevation was not zero when I crashed...
Oh...sea level and ground level were not the same thing...


Please note: If the movie is too small,
please watch via youtube using the YOUTUBE button on bottom right of each video.
And, some videos have much higher quality. Find the HD version using the gear icon.
Analytical Balance Part 1 of 3

Analytical Balance Part 2 of 3

Analytical Balance Part 3 of 3

Analytical Balance: Increase the Accuracy by Decreasing Error Propagation


Hi Mr. Doug
I don't think I really understand question # 5 on the post lab?
The measurements were taken after balancing the board and the question is saying how we can verify our numbers but before leveling the board can you please clarify?
Thu. 05, Apr 2012, 09:34
If the three hooks each show a special weight (or mass, depending on how you measured them...) then what should all three hooks be after adding them together?
Thu. 05, Apr 2012, 10:28

This is probably the stupidest question, but a walking staff has completely lost me... what exactly would I be weighing the potatoes/tomatoes on?Anonymous
Thu. 05, Apr 2012, 17:43
The walking stick is balanced. Then potatoes are placed on one side of the stick's center of gravity (c.g.) At the same time tomatoes are placed on the opposite of the stick's c.g.
Fri. 06, Apr 2012, 08:17

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