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Okay! Things are changing! Yeah!
For those of you who have MSOffice 2010 (Windows) and 2011 (Mac OS X), 
then there are three new things for you:

1) TutorialMSExcel2010-2011-Template.xlsx
New MSExcel Template to do your tutorial.
This template is for following the MSExcelTutorial-2011/
This template is also for following the
If you have Office 2004/2007/2008 or early, you need to read below about the DVD.

2) Two videos: 1 for Mac, 1 for Windoze

A video on YouTube for MSExcel 2011 (Mac OS X).

A video on YouTube for MSExcel 2010 (Windoze).

The video is in HD and better watched full screen or near full screen.

Unlike previous tutorials, this video is one long play. 60-70 minutes.

I hope to add shortcuts to different sections; but for now, watch the movie
and PAUSE! the video often and do the steps that you were just taught.

Pause the video many times and do the steps.

Take time to do the steps; pause the video for this.

3) If I left out some things that you need to know, 
please email and I might make a short video to cover those things.

So, you want a grade? Watch this movie to see what we check...

To perform the MSExcel Spreadsheets lab (for MSOffice previous to 2010) you will need to watch a bunch of movies and perform the steps inbetween watching each movie. The movies are in QuickTime movie format. QuickTime is a free download for MSWindows and Apple computers. You may download QuickTime at Apple's Web Site.

In the lab, the movies are on the CD-image that is pre-installed on each lab machine.

Here is the template file which you will use as the basis of your work. It is here, for your convenience. TutorialMSExcel2010-2011-Template.xlsx

The PreLab can be done without first watching the movies.

You may want to see if your instructor will let you perform the spreadsheets lab on your own time at home or somewhere else so that you can maximize your learning by yourslelf. But first check with your instructor. You will still have to show him/her your finished work during lab class, which includes downloading the file from your DropBox account.

Plan on spending about 110 minutes to complete these exercises.
Watch one movie, then perform the same actions in Excel.
Watch the next movie, etc.
If you take your time and perform the same steps as the movies, you should be able to gain understanding of how to use spreadsheets.

Be careful NOT to assume you know how to use Excel. (Please! You will most likely miss out on something...)
If you have data from Data and Graphs: An Inclined Plane,
then use that data (t1,t2,t3) for the tutorial.
This way you can compare your final Excel Plot with the hand plot you created for
Distance versus Time2.

Do your best to understand the power of using spreadsheets as a tool.
One step at a time; pause the movie often.

Begin Q&A Forum for "SPREADSHEETS"

For the Spread Sheets pre-lab quiz, is there something I am supposed to read or review (besides all the information prior to the login section) in order to be prepared for the pre-lab quiz?
Thank you.
Wed. 19, Feb 2003, 18:57
Log in to the pre-lab quiz. I think you should find it very do-able.
It does not count as an attempt to login to look at the quiz. It only counts if you submit the quiz.
You have a CD-Rom with all the SpreadSheet Tutorials on it.
Thu. 20, Feb 2003, 05:59

Can i look to the postlab quiz without submitting it since i have one chance to take it . If i don't submit it , do i get zero as grade?.Anonymous
Tue. 03, Jun 2003, 17:08
yes and no.
You may peak. Only clicking "Submit" will cause your attempt to be used up.
Wed. 04, Jun 2003, 06:26

If you have Excel, and can follow the movies, is it o.k. to do this lab at home or at least have it somewhat completed prior to our lab?? Or is the preference of the instructor to do all the steps in lab??
Please let me know when you get a chance.
Alcaraz, Lawrence
Tue. 23, Sep 2003, 14:55
I recommend doing the tutorials at home, if you can.
But, you need to run this by your instructor for the final approval and for how to turn it in for assessment...
Wed. 24, Sep 2003, 11:22

Hi Douglas,
I have problem trying to figure out the exact answer for spreadsheet postlab 1,2.Can you help me? Thank you.
Wed. 25, Feb 2004, 19:13
For problem 1 I will repeat an answer found on the Data and Graphs web page. I will add a bit to help with problem 2.

(View on the web page rather than your email for proper formatting.)
Let's say I do an experiment to find out how much juice can be found from a lime. I plot the data as Amount of Juice vs. Number of limes. I see a linear trend and I find the mathematical equation to be

But this equation means nothing to anybody but me; and the fact is, if I write this equation in my notebook, I will likely forget what it models. So I need to rewrite the equation such that it matches the physical world in which it was derived.
y=Amount of Juice[ml]. x=Number of limes.

These are my variables and they must appear in my new equation replacing the x and y.

Next, I know the 1.2 (vertical intercept) must have units of [ml], because the equation must be dimensionally correct. For the same reason, the 25.4 must have units of (Hmmm, it's the slope; which is rise over run.) [ml/lime]. So here is my revised equation:
Amount of Lime Juice = 25.4 [ml/lime] * Number of Limes - 1.2 [ml]

That is the equation of my data. It seems to me that this newly formatted equation is far more descriptive than the y=_x+_ format. Turns out that I had not cleaned out my measuring cup prior to the experiment. It had something caked onto the bottom of the cup so as to effectively make each measurement look as if it where 1.2[ml] more than it should have been without this systematic offset.

Now, let's say that someone tells you they want to use 0.25 [liter] of lime juice (that is, as measured in your cup) to make some salsa. How many limes do you need?
Amount of Lime Juice = 25.4 [ml/lime] * Number of Limes - 1.2 [ml]
Number of Limes = (1.2[ml] + AmountOfLimeJuice ) (25.4 [ml/lime] )-1
Number of Limes = (1.2[ml] + 250[ml]) (25.4 [ml/lime] )-1
Number of Limes = 9.89 Limes.
Mmmmmm, good salsa! Lots of salsa!

Thu. 26, Feb 2004, 08:36

On number 4 of the Post Lab for section 2321.004, is the relationship between force vs acceleration linear?Nguyen, Lyna
Fri. 27, Feb 2004, 10:37
The question states that the data is similar to a linear relationship.
It then states what exactly is the theoretical/predicted relationship (as a linear equation.)
Of course, the predicted/theoretical relationship is exactly linear.
It has a known, constant slope and a zero intercept.
Fri. 27, Feb 2004, 11:24

I am having trouble opening the file that i saved during lab. I log on to fugu and i can find it, but it wont allow me to open it. what should i do?Anonymous
Wed. 03, Mar 2004, 10:46
Rename the file
The ".xls" is important for file servers to transmit the file properly.
Wed. 03, Mar 2004, 13:07

What exactly do we need to turn in for the spreadsheets lab?Anonymous
Sun. 19, Sep 2004, 13:25
Your instructor will watch you download during your file from your ftp account during class. The your instructor will analyze the file on the computer.Douglas
Sun. 19, Sep 2004, 19:34

The Spreadsheet file is not located on the cd we burned at the beginning of the semester. How can I access this file without being at school, or can I? Anonymous
Wed. 16, Feb 2005, 11:26
You were invited to burn two CD's at the beginning of the semester. One was "Lab 1" content. The other was "Spreadsheets."Douglas
Thu. 17, Feb 2005, 07:05

i sent my spreadsheet to my e-mail address during class but i can't figure out how tranfer this file to my new clem account from home. i did download the ssh file transfer which is talked about on the archiving data page onto my computer but i don't know where to go from there.Anonymous
Tue. 22, Feb 2005, 09:49
Take the file off your email and it put it onto your hard drive.
Watch the Movie on the Lab CD in SoftwareInstallers/Windows/sftp about the sshClient.
Use the sshclient to move the file to with your clem username and password. If you haven't yet set those up, watch the movies in the 01AboutComputers folder.
Tue. 22, Feb 2005, 12:46

Dear Douglas,
My home computer won't allow me to view the video called "GetAGrade". Could you describe the final steps of the lab for me?
hartmann, megan
Thu. 02, Mar 2006, 22:43
Sorry about that. To get a grade: Archive your file in some way so that you can bring it up on the lab computers to then be graded.
Fri. 03, Mar 2006, 05:32

I don't have Excel on my home computer, so I was wondering if we have access to a version we can download? The Spreadsheets lab was too long to finish in class, but I can't finish it at home if I don't have Excel.Anonymous
Wed. 07, Mar 2007, 14:20
You may look at the room schedule to find SelfPaced or Tutoring times to come in to our labs. And the computers in general student labs have MSExcel and Quicktime. (You will need headphones in the general computing labs.)
Please talk with your instructor for other options.

You can, if you are computer savvy, download Open Office from
but it is a huge download and works differently than MSExcel for things like trendlines.

If you have a Mac, then OpenOffice works well, but NeoOffice is even better

Neither download is recommended for computer novices nor for internet access less than broadband (dsl) speeds. But the prices for OpenOffice and NeoOffice are perfect! :)
Thu. 08, Mar 2007, 07:40

Here is a link to download the Microsoft add-in for saving files as a .pdf. Install this once, and it works in all Office 2007 applications.
Ernest Bray
Bray, Ernest
Wed. 24, Feb 2010, 17:38
Thank you. Other students will appreciate this.Douglas
Wed. 15, Sep 2010, 05:03

Noticed some shortcuts in excel for superscript (subscript seems to be lacking). In excel 2007 in windows, the hot key for superscript is ctrl+shift+'+' keys.
Also, keyboard shortcut to pull up Format Cells in excel: You can press CTRL+SHIFT+F or CTRL+1 to quickly display the Font tab of the Format Cells dialog box.
Stillwell, Roy
Wed. 24, Feb 2010, 02:43
Cool! That is a great tip.Douglas
Wed. 15, Sep 2010, 05:04

On #5 of the postlab, it says, "In the box below, write the proper physics equation for your data of D vs. t^2 using the plot you created with MSExcel." Is this the plot we made during the lab or is it a plot we create using our own data that we took for the Data & Graphs lab? Anonymous
Mon. 28, Feb 2011, 16:00
Go ahead and the equation you got via the MSExcel tutorial. Some students used their own data for the tutorial, which allows them to report their hand-drawn equation and the MSExcel equation. Other students did not, and that is okay.Douglas
Wed. 02, Mar 2011, 07:52

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