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Please note that the Magnifying Glass portion of this lab is simply observation. There is no data taking for that portion.

Also, please be careful to record raw data! In this lab, the raw data is the position of the holders.


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Optics: Data Taking

Begin Q&A Forum for "GEOMETRIC OPTICS"

In the Optics postlab, the final two questions concern an object which is less than one focal length away from the lense (In fact, it is less than one-third of a focal length away from the lense). The first of these questions asks for the image distance q; Have I missed the point of the lab entirely or will an image not be formed on the other side of the lense if the object is not at least one focal length away from the lense?Tankersley, Kevin
Fri. 09, Apr 2004, 13:49
An object within the focal length, meaning
p < f,
will produce a virtual image where
q < 0.
The virtual image falls on the object's side of the lens.
Sun. 11, Apr 2004, 06:01

How do we access our grade report? I clicked on the semester grades button, but this wasn't what I was looking for. Any advice?
Tercan, Dianna
Wed. 21, Jul 2004, 21:42
Find the link to GradeReport in the header of the Lab web site.

Or just visit this:

Thu. 22, Jul 2004, 04:15

How do you know if the image is inverted in #5 or is the image always inverted. The last question threw me off on that one.Anonymous
Mon. 12, Nov 2007, 12:44
M = - qp-1
The negative means the image is inverted.
Tue. 13, Nov 2007, 09:46

Dear Douglas,
I am working on postlab question #2, "List each measurement, range, σ (uncertainty) w/ reason." I am confused as to how to write this exactly from our data-there is uncertainty due to the resolution of the magnetic optics bench tape (.5 [mm]), but there is also an column for uncertainty for the position of the holder in our data (which is different for each measurement). How would I list this and state the uncertainty?
Thanks for your help!
Sat. 17, Nov 2007, 14:46
Find the average uncertainty for that column. And list that as the uncertainty for the image position.
Mon. 19, Nov 2007, 10:22

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