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The syllabus (pdf) is in your lab manual.

Please note:
Find your Section's link for the PreLab and the PostLab.--->

For each experiment there is a link on the lab home page.
Please note:
You are required to be at class the first week of the semester!
Come prepared with a lab manual purchased from the bookstore.
Phy 2030 and 2321 use the same manual and are in one place (Phy 2030) in the MSCD Section of the bookstore.
Phy 2040 and 2341 also share a manual and are in one place (Phy 2040) in the MSCD Section of the bookstore.

Begin Q&A Forum for "SYLLABUS"

When I went to the book store they told me that the instructor had changed the lab manual for my class(psy 2311) and that they did not have any yet. do you know when they will be available?Cahill, Ed
Mon. 20, Jan 2003, 16:18
The Lab Manuals are in the book store.
You asked me about psy 2311.
Well, our labs are called PHY 2030, 2321, 2040, and 2341.
I assume you meant one of these.
If that is the case, then
Look in the MSCD section (since MSCD and UCD Physics are combined.)
Look in the Phy 2030 section (the Phy 2321 manuals are the same as 2030.)
Look in the Phy 2040 section (the Phy 2341 manuals are the same as 2040.)
Mon. 20, Jan 2003, 16:37

I had my lab manual of summer 2003 for Phy 2030 (I did not take this class but could not return the manual). Is it OK to use that lab manual, or I have to buy a new one for the same class.
Thank you.
Tran, Van
Wed. 21, Jan 2004, 14:28
You need to purchase a new manual for each semester.
Thu. 22, Jan 2004, 06:30

I have never used the web, user ID, etc. to take a class before. I already went to getuserid for my class and got that set up. Does that cover the lab class too? Or do I need to set up a different userid for the lab?Fisher, Debbie
Thu. 29, Jan 2004, 12:53
You can use the same information; but you need to perform those steps for each physics class you take.Douglas
Thu. 29, Jan 2004, 15:33

My UserID and PassCode for the Online Quizzes are working, but the same UserID and PassCode do not work for the GradeReport link, although I have entered the info as required. I am told that one or more of the required fields is entered incorrectly. Is GradeReport up yet? (I wanted to see if it recorded my grade for the first pre-lab quiz.)
Tue. 01, Jun 2004, 14:10
GradeReport won't work until there is something to report.
Try after you have received your first grades back from the instructor.
Tue. 01, Jun 2004, 14:22

I have a question for the post lab of the syllabus for question 3 & 4 when it ask to put the equation in proper notation does that mean a physics translation or just using the sub and superscrpits right? Thank you Anonymous
Mon. 24, Jan 2005, 05:12
Yeah, just the formatting
Thanks for asking; I just clarified the question for others to benefit from your question.
Mon. 24, Jan 2005, 05:45

Hi Douglas,
I just want to clarify the paragraph above about previewing the quizzes. Can we preview both the pre- AND post-lab quizzes for an UNLIMITED amount of time? On the login page for the pre-lab quiz on Vectors it says "if there is a time limit listed above, it will begin when you go to the next page" or something like that, but I don't see a time limit, so I assume it doesn't apply... What I'm really wondering is if I could preview and print all of the quizzes for the whole semester right now in order to look them over in advance of the labs as long as I go back to each and submit my final answers online before the deadline.
Casteel, Kelly
Wed. 17, Aug 2005, 21:09
Kelly, Thank you for your questions. That is correct, if you don't see a time limit for taking the quiz, the deadline is the only requirement. You may log in many times; these login don't count as an attempt. Only submits count as your attempt.
So, yes, print away. :)
Thu. 18, Aug 2005, 05:15

Is there a tutorial or movie that gives step by step examples and explanations on how to use the greek symbols when submitting answer on the quizzes?
Stevenson, Adrian
Fri. 26, Aug 2005, 18:58
The text to the left of the toolbar reads as follows:
"Click tools below. Copy all text to right. Paste into answer."
You may watch the QuickTime movie on the Lab Content CD. The movie is called "ALongIntro". It is about 20 minutes long. There are bookmark in it. You can jump ahead to the place where it says: Special Formating.
Find it on the CD here:
The "Special Formating" section begins just before 10 minutes, 30 seconds.
Let me know, if this doesn't help,
Fri. 26, Aug 2005, 19:15

I have completed the Vectors Prelab and Postlab. However, when I tried to access the gradebook, I received a worrisome response: "FLACKA0152" is not in the valid gradebook called 2321002. I just wanted to double check that I am, in fact, in the gradebook.Flack, Alex
Fri. 01, Feb 2008, 10:34
Gradebooks won't be posted for another week or two.
Fri. 01, Feb 2008, 15:37

Do we need to have completed the userid and passcode before the first lad or do we do that in the first day of lab?Anonymous
Mon. 19, Jan 2009, 15:29
It is a good idea to do this before class; but we will take time in class for this task during the first week of the semester. It is most important to have your lab manual. Thank you for asking.John Martinez
Tue. 20, Jan 2009, 11:33

How many attempts do we have when turning in the pre lab quizzes? and how many do we have when submitting the post lab quizzes??
Mon. 31, Aug 2009, 00:51
PreLab for Fall 2009 have three attempts. PostLabs have two attempts.Douglas
Tue. 01, Sep 2009, 18:15

When would be an excellent time to get our UserID's for the quizzes? BEFORE the first class, or are we going to do that during the first class?McClure, Casey
Fri. 15, Jan 2010, 15:45
Either way is fine. Now is excellent. If you have issues, you may receive help during the first class.
I'll see you this week.

Mon. 18, Jan 2010, 05:22

I recieved this link from a friend in class. I am registered for the phys-2040-007 lab and have not recieved any e-mails pertaining to the lab class. I've heard that the student webmail has been changed to instead of However, I am using my old school e-mail address and it is currently activated. I have not been informed to issue a new e-mail address. Is this the reason why I have not recieved anything?
Tran S.
Simon, Tran
Wed. 20, Jan 2010, 19:55
You raise a very good question. Yes, I would guess so.
Please give us your preferred email when you fill out the GetUserID web page.

FYI: The database being used by the physics roster system only has emails ending with @EMAIL.UCDENVER.EDU
The switch to happened in Spring 2009.
I recommend you speak to UC Denver IT folks to find out how to check mail on that new system since it has been a year and since that is the email the school provides all departments in their database.
Thu. 21, Jan 2010, 05:34

The mass email sent out to all students prior to the first day of class said, "This first quiz will not count against you." Does this mean that if we miss or skip this quiz, will it count as our "skip" for the semester or is this first quiz simply a learning tool and will not impact our grade?Anonymous
Tue. 23, Aug 2011, 17:46
The syllabus quizzes won't count for the grade at all. Neither will count as a drop.
The syllabus quizzes are there for students to get used the system before things count.
Wed. 24, Aug 2011, 10:41

I read somewhere that mastering chemistry needs to be purchased for this class. Is that already included in the package from the bookstore and/or needed. ThxAnonymous
Wed. 24, Aug 2011, 18:47
No, mastering chemistry is NOT needed for Physics.Douglas
Thu. 25, Aug 2011, 11:48

I'm having a hard time viewing the CD that we received in class. Every time I'm trying to play a file this message shows up:
A number of queued files cannot be played. To find information about the problem, click the icon next to each file in the List pane.
Is there something I'm doing wrong or can I see the introduction and instructions for the post quiz on line?
Please let me know,
Trainum, Katrina
Tue. 30, Aug 2011, 16:51
You need QuickTime.
Wed. 31, Aug 2011, 14:20

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