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        2002 FALL SCHEDULE
895831   1726Time of ENR Data = Fri, 06-Sep-2002 @ 09:29 AM            
1000001100000151053Introduction to Physics50UMALTEMPO, MMW11:00 AM12:50 PMNC152523 23A27 24C
1000002100000251054Introduction to Physics48MSESSIONS, LTR9:00 AM10:50 AMNC152521 22A27 24C
1000003 51055Introduction to Physics S-P3MESCHMANN, AARR  NC36043 3A    
1000004 52818Intro to Physics/Internet38MFREUDENSTEIN, SONLN  ONLI38 38A    
1000003.1  Introduction to Physics S-P MFREUDENSTEIN, SM9:00 AM10:50 AMNC3604        
1000003.2  Introduction to Physics S-P MESCHMANN, AT5:00 PM6:50 PMNC3604        
1000003.3  Introduction to Physics S-P MESCHMANN, AW1:00 PM2:50 PMNC3604        
1000003.4  Introduction to Physics S-P MKRANTZ, RR3:00 PM4:50 PMNC3604        
1040001 50181Introduction to Astronomy42MSESSIONS, LMWF8:00 AM8:50 AMNC160842 42A    
1040002 50182Introduction to Astronomy88MSESSIONS, LMWF9:00 AM9:50 AMNC160888 88A    
1040003 50183Introduction to Astronomy69MALTEN, VTR5:30 PM6:45 PMNC120269 69A    
1040004 50184Introduction to Astronomy S-P10MFREUDENSTEIN, SARR  NC360410 10A    
1040005 50185Intro to Astronomy/Internet45MSESSIONS, L   ONLI45 45A    
1040006 54047Intro to Astronomy/Internet40MSESSIONS, L   ONLI40 40A    
1052001105200151468General Astronomy I86UHAMMOND, GMW1:00 PM2:15 PMNC16085 5A81 92O
1052002105200251469General Astronomy I67UHALLAM, PTR3:00 PM4:15 PMNC16085 5A62 90O
 1111001 FS: The Moon19UZAIDINS, CTR2:30 PM3:45 PMWC246    19 20O
 2010OL1 Online College Physics I17UCORN, AONLN       17 20O
2010001201000151056College Physics I32UWAHABBY, AMW7:00 PM8:50 PMNC160816 16A16 48O
2010002201000251057College Physics I83UBAERTSCHY, MTR9:00 AM10:50 AMNC160852 52A31 43O
2010003201000351058College Physics I79MOLSEN, DMW3:00 PM4:50 PMNC160832 32A47 52O
20100042010WK155040College Physics I11UASADI, MS8:30 AM12:00 PMNC15255 5A6 24O
2020001202000151059College Physics II52UHALLAM, PTR1:00 PM2:50 PMNC160818 18A34 48O
2030001203000151060College Physics Lab I28MFREUDENSTEIN, SM1:00 PM2:50 PMNC360611 11A17 17C
2030002203000251061College Physics Lab I26MMCNEILL, DW10:00 AM11:50 AMNC360613 13A13 14O
2030003203000351062College Physics Lab I28MHOWEY, DF10:00 AM11:50 AMNC360615 15A13 13C
2030004203000451063College Physics Lab I24UMAXSON, SR12:00 PM1:50 PMNC360612 12A12 14O
2030005203000551064College Physics Lab I14UMAXSON, ST5:00 PM6:50 PMNC360612 12A2 14O
2030006203000651065College Physics Lab I16UMAXSON, SR7:00 PM8:50 PMNC360610 10A6 14O
2030007203000751066College Physics Lab I22MMCNEILL, DW1:00 PM2:50 PMNC36067 7A15 18O
2030008203000851067College Physics Lab I21UMAXSON, ST12:00 PM1:50 PMNC36068 8A13 14O
2030009203000955041College Physics Lab I UASADI, MM3:00 PM4:50 PMNC3606   C  14X
2040001204000151068College Physics Lab II23MLEVER, DW3:00 PM4:50 PMNC36049 9A14 14C
2040002204000351069College Physics Lab II14UHOWEY, DT10:00 AM11:50 AMNC36045 5A9 14O
2311001231100151119General Physics I91MDOVE, JMW11:00 AM12:50 PMNC160843 43A48 48C
2311002231100251120General Physics I47MKRANTZ, RMW5:00 PM6:50 PMNC160824 24A23 48O
2311003231100351121General Physics I53UZAIDINS, CTR11:00 AM12:50 PMNC160821 21A32 48O
2321001232100151122General Physics Laboratory I25UMAXSON, ST2:00 PM3:50 PMNC360612 12A13 14O
2321002232100251123General Physics Laboratory I27UMAXSON, SF12:00 PM1:50 PMNC360612 12A15 14C
2321003232100351124General Physics Laboratory I20MFREUDENSTEIN, SR10:00 AM11:50 AMNC36069 9A11 14O
2321004232100451125General Physics Laboratory I24UWAHABBY, AF2:00 PM3:50 PMNC360611 11A13 14O
2321005232100551126General Physics Laboratory I23UMAXSON, SW5:00 PM6:50 PMNC360610 10A13 14O
2321006232100651127General Physics Laboratory I21UMAXSON, SW8:00 AM9:50 AMNC360610 10A11 14O
23210072321WK154291General Physics Laboratory I24UDOHERTY, RS2:00 PM3:50 PMNC360611 11A13 14O
2331001233100151128General Physics II40UWEST, JTR5:00 PM6:50 PMNC16089 9A31 56O
2331002233100251129General Physics II47MOLSEN, DMW9:00 AM10:50 AMNC152519 19A28 27C
23310032331WK153328General Physics II19UHAMMOND, GS8:30 AM12:00 PMNC160810 10A9 11O
2341001234100151130General Physics Laboratory II22UWAHABBY, AM3:00 PM4:50 PMNC36047 7A15 18O
2341002234100251131General Physics Laboratory II18UWAHABBY, AW5:00 PM6:50 PMNC36047 7A11 14O
2341003234100351132General Physics Laboratory II28MLEVER, DM1:00 PM2:50 PMNC360413 13A15 14C
23410042341WK153329General Physics Laboratory II20UHAMMOND, GS1:00 PM2:50 PMNC360410 10A10 11O
2811001281100151133Modern Physics13UHALLAM, PTR5:30 PM6:45 PMNC15257 7A6 24O
3040001304000151896Modern Cosmology17MDOVE, JMW1:00 PM2:15 PMNC152511 11A6 24O
3120001312000151070Methds of Mathematical Phy II10UMALTEMPO, MMW3:00 PM4:15 PMNC15255 5A5 24O
3211001321100151134Analytical Mechanics18MOLSEN, DTR3:00 PM4:50 PMNC15257 7A11 24O
3331001433100151135Electricity and Magnetism8MDOVE, JTR1:00 PM2:15 PMNC15255 5A3 20O
3711001371100151136Physics Laboratory I6MKRANTZ, RF11:00 AM2:50 PMNC36103 3A3 20O
3721001372100151137Physics Laboratory II2MKRANTZ, RF11:00 AM2:50 PMNC3610   A2 5O
4610001461000151071Computational Physics_I3MDOVE, J   NC31231 1A2 6O
4711001471100151138Advanced Physics Laboratory I MKRANTZ, RF11:00 AM2:50 PMNC3610   A  10O
4721001472100151139Advanced Physics Laboratory II2MKRANTZ, RF11:00 AM2:50 PMNC36102 2A  10O
4810001481000151072Atomic & Molecular Structure2UHUBER, MMW4:30 PM5:45 PMNC15251 1A1 35O
4920001 51073Physics Senior Seminar1MFREUDENSTEIN, SARR   1 1A   

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