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        2002 SPRING SCHEDULE
1556MSCD PHY CrdtHrs   3254TOTAL PHY CREDIT HOURS 93121         
952MSCD AST   1296TOTAL AST CREDIT HOURS 18489         
 MSCD SCI    TOTAL SCI CREDIT HOURS 277->1210->2         
2508MSCD TtlCrdtHrs   4550TOTAL CREDIT HOURS            
MSCD ENRUCD ENR   ENR             
957880   1837Time of ENR Data = Wed, 30-Jan-2002 @ 07:33 AM            
1000001100000131041Introduction to Physics48MESCHMANN, AMW8:00 AM9:50 AMNC152520120A28 28C
1000002100000231042Introduction to Physics46UWAHABBY, ATR11:00 AM12:50 PMNC152522 23A24 24C
1000003 31043Introduction to Physics S-P8MFREUDENSTEIN, STBA  NC36048 40A    
1000003.1  Introduction to Physics S-P MFREUDENSTEIN, SM1:00 PM2:50 PMNC3604        
1000003.2  Introduction to Physics S-P MESCHMANN, AT10:00 AM11:50 AMNC3604        
1000003.3  Introduction to Physics S-P MKRANTZ, RW10:00 AM11:50 AMNC3604        
1000003.4  Introduction to Physics S-P MKRANTZ, RR4:00 PM5:50 PMNC3604        
1000004 32927Intro. to Physics / Internet27MKRANTZ, RTBA  ONLI27 40A    
1040001 30184Introduction to Astronomy41MDOVE, JMWF8:00 AM8:50 AMNC160841 96A    
1040002 30185Introduction to Astronomy79MSESSIONS, LMWF11:00 AM11:50 AMNC160879 96A    
1040003 30186Introduction to Astronomy72MALTEN, VTR5:30 PM6:45 PMNC120272 73A    
1040004 30187Introduction to Astronomy S-P19MOLSEN, DTBA  NC360419 40A    
1040005 30188Introduction to AST/INTERNET47MSESSIONS, LTBA  ONLI47 50A    
1040006 34625Introduction to AST/INTERNET50MSESSIONS, LTBA  ONLI50 50A    
1052001105200131644General Astronomy I86UCORN, ATR4:00 PM5:15 PMNC16085 9A81 86O
1060001305000131980General Astronomy II7USADUN, ATR1:00 PM2:15 PMNC15252 10A5 24O
1250001 31540Physics of Aviation56MFREUDENSTEIN, SMW9:00 AM10:50 AMNC160856 57A    
1250L01 31679Physics of Aviation Lab28MFREUDENSTEIN, SF9:00 AM11:50 AMNC360628 28A    
1250L02 31680Physics of Aviation Lab26MHOWEY, DF12:00 PM2:50 PMNC360626 27A    
2010001201000131044College Physics I62UWAHABBY, ATR8:00 AM9:50 AMNC160827 48A35 48O
2010002201000231045College Physics I69MESCHMANN, AMW3:00 PM4:50 PMNC160836 48A33 48O
 2010OL1 College Physics I On-line18UCORN, AONLN  ONLI    18 23O
2020001202000131046College Physics II45UHAMMOND, GTR10:00 AM11:50 AMNC160810 48A35 48O
2020002202000231047College Physics II46MESCHMANN, AMW12:00 PM1:50 PMNC152521 22A25 25C
2020003202000331048College Physics II40MMCLIN, KMW5:00 PM6:50 PMNC160813 48A27 48O
2030001203000131049College Physics Lab I25MKITAY., JT11:00 AM12:50 PMNC360613 14A12 14O
2030002203000231050College Physics Lab I19MCOREY, AW11:00 AM12:50 PMNC36068 14A11 14O
2030003203000331051College Physics Lab I11MKITAY., JM10:00 AM11:50 AMNC36066 14A5 14O
2030004203000431052College Physics Lab I22MCOREY, AW1:00 PM2:50 PMNC36069 13A13 14O
2030005203000531053College Physics Lab I16UASADI, MT2:00 PM3:50 PMNC36067 14A9 14O
2040001204000131054College Physics Lab II24UMAXSON, ST8:00 AM9:50 AMNC36049 12A15 16O
2040002204000232701College Physics Lab II15UHOWEY, DR8:00 AM9:50 AMNC36042 10A13 18O
2040003204000331055College Physics Lab II7UMAXSON, SF11:00 AM12:50 PMNC36041 14A6 14O
2040004204000434321College Physics Lab II7UMAXSON, SF1:00 PM2:50 PMNC36042 14A5 14O
2040005204000531056College Physics Lab II18MCOREY, AT3:00 PM4:50 PMNC36046 14A12 14O
2040006204000631057College Physics Lab II27UHOWEY, DW3:00 PM4:50 PMNC360411 12A16 16C
2040007204000731058College Physics Lab II23MCOREY, AW7:00 PM8:50 PMNC36048 13A15 15C
2311001231100131427General Physics I57MOLSEN, DMW10:00 AM11:50 AMNC152525 25A32 32C
2311002231100231428General Physics I94UTAGG, RTR2:00 PM3:50 PMNC160837 40A57 56C
2311003231100331429General Physics I41UCORN, ATR7:00 PM8:50 PMNC160813 48A28 48O
23110042311WK132818General Physics I21UHAMMOND, GS8:30 AM12:00 PMNC160810110A11 11C
2321001232100131430General Physics Laboratory I27MKITAY., JM2:00 PM3:50 PMNC360613 13A14 15O
2321002232100231431General Physics Laboratory I28MCOREY, AM12:00 PM1:50 PMNC360612 12A16 16C
2321003232100331432General Physics Laboratory I28MKITAY., JR11:00 AM12:50 PMNC360611 11A17 17C
2321004232100431433General Physics Laboratory I27UMAXSON, SW3:00 PM4:50 PMNC360611 12A16 16C
2321005232100531434General Physics Laboratory I27UMAXSON, ST4:00 PM5:50 PMNC360610 12A17 16C
2321006232100631435General Physics Laboratory I28UMAXSON, SR5:00 PM6:50 PMNC360610 10A18 18C
23210072321WK132819General Physics Laboratory I19UHAMMOND, GS1:00 PM2:50 PMNC36068 11A11 11C
2331001233100131436General Physics II75UWAHABBY, AMW1:00 PM2:50 PMNC160821 35A54 55O
2331002233100231437General Physics II36MOLSEN, DTR5:30 PM7:20 PMNC152514 20A22 28O
2341001234100131439General Physics Laboratory II26MCOREY, AM10:00 AM11:50 AMNC360411 13A15 15C
2341002234100232256General Physics Laboratory II26UMAXSON, ST1:00 PM2:50 PMNC360411 12A15 16O
2341003234100331440General Physics Laboratory II27MCOREY, AM3:00 PM4:50 PMNC360413 13A14 15O
2341004234100431441General Physics Laboratory II10UDOHERTY, RR6:00 PM7:50 PMNC36041 14A9 14O
2811001281100131442Modern Physics13MDOVE, JMW2:30 PM3:45 PMNC15256 24A7 24O
2820001282000131059Classical Physics5MKRANTZ, RTR8:30 AM9:45 AMNC15254 24A1 24O
3110001311000131060Methods of Mathematical Phy I11MOLSEN, DMW4:00 PM5:15 PMNC15255 24A6 24O
3411001341100131443Thermal Physics10MDOVE, JTR2:30 PM3:45 PMNC13124 20A6 36O
 3504H01 Passive Circuits & Elect. Meas.2UASADI, MW2:00 PM6:00 PMNC 3610    2 20X
 3505H01 Signals & Signal Conditioning2UASADI, MW2:00 PM6:00 PMNC 3610    2 20X
 3506H01 Sensors and Metrology2UASADI, MW2:00 PM6:00 PMNC 3610    2 20X
 3510001 Digital Circuits4UTAGG, RF3:00 PM7:00 PMNC 3610    4 20O
 3511001 Computer-Aided Experiments5UTAGG, RF3:00 PM7:00 PMNC 3610    5 20O
 3512001 Micro-Processors/Controllers4UTAGG, RF3:00 PM7:00 PMNC 3610    4 20O
3620001362000131979Sound and Music22MKRANTZ, RTR2:30 PM3:45 PMNC152510 24A12 24O
3711001371100131444Physics Laboratory I3UHUBER, MF11:00 AM2:50 PMNC3610  10A3 20O
3721001372100131445Physics Laboratory II4UHUBER, MF11:00 AM2:50 PMNC3610  10A4 20O
3810001381100131061Quantum Mechanics12UMALTEMPO, MTR4:00 PM5:15 PMNC15253 24A9 36O
4620001 31062Computational Physics II1MDOVE, JTBA  NC31231 10A    
4711001471100131446Advanced Physics Laboratory I UHUBER, MF11:00 AM2:50 PMNC3610  10A  20O
4721001472100131447Advanced Physics Laboratory II2UHUBER, MF11:00 AM2:50 PMNC36101 10A1 20O
4920001 31063Physics Senior Seminar1MFREUDENSTEIN, STBAARR TBA1 999A    
 5504H01 Passive Circuits & Elect. Meas. UASADI, MW2:00 PM6:00 PMNC 3610      20X
 5505H01 Signals & Signal Conditioning UASADI, MW2:00 PM6:00 PMNC 3610      20X
 5506H01 Sensors and Metrology UASADI, MW2:00 PM6:00 PMNC 3610      20X
 5510001 Digital Circuits1UTAGG, RF3:00 PM7:00 PMNC 3610    1 20O
 5511001 Computer-Aided Experiments1UTAGG, RF3:00 PM7:00 PMNC 3610    1 20O
 5512001 Micro-Processors/Controllers1UTAGG, RF3:00 PM7:00 PMNC 3610    1 20O

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