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        SUMMER 2008
MSCDUCDTOTAL   Summer 2008            
266enr214enr480Census Date  Time of ENR Data = Thu, 05-Jun-2008 @ 07:21 AM            
1000002 40235Introduction to Physics S-P17MKRANTZ, RTBA12:00 AM12:00 AMNC360417045A0000
1000002.1  Self-Paced0MKRANTZ, RM9:00 AM10:50 AMNC3604    0000
1000002.2  Self-Paced0MDENN, GT4:00 PM5:50 PMNC3604    0000
1000002.3  Self-Paced0MPAHL, SW5:00 PM6:50 PMNC3604    0000
1000002.4  Self-Paced0MKRANTZ, RR9:00 AM10:50 AMNC3604    0000
1000003 40341Intro to Physics-Internet23MDOVE, JONLN   23025A0000
 1000OL1 Introduction to Physics Online24UWAHABBY, AONLN   000024824C
    0      00000000
1040002 40109Introduction to Astronomy S-P12MKRANTZ, RTBA12:00 AM12:00 AMNC360412090A0000
1040003 40711Intro. to Astronomy Internet42MSESSIONS, LONLNONLNONLNNC160842050A0000
    0      00000000
1250001 40870Physics of Aviation18MFREUDENSTEIN, SMWF9:15 AM11:30 AMNC152518028A0000
1250L01  1250 Laboratory0MFREUDENSTEIN, SMW12:30 PM3:00 PMNC3606    0000
    0      00000000
2010001201000140067College Physics I57UNORRIS, JMW12:15 PM3:45 PMNC160818048A39048O
    0      00000000
2020001202000140068College Physics II41UASADI, MMW12:15 PM3:45 PMNC152521024A20024O
    0      00000000
2030001203000140069College Physics Lab I12MPAHL, ST8:00 AM11:20 AMNC3606507A707C
2030002203000240131College Physics Lab I24UHOWEY, DW8:00 AM11:20 AMNC360610012A14017O
    0      00000000
2040001204000140070College Physics Lab II14UMAXSON, ST8:00 AM11:20 AMNC3604707A727C
2040002204000240110College Physics Lab II26UMAXSON, SW8:00 AM11:20 AMNC360414214A12014O
    0      00000000
2311001231100140071General Physics I53MDENN, GMW4:00 PM7:25 PMNC160828048A25048O
    0      00000000
2321001232100140073General Physics Laboratory I16MPAHL, ST8:00 AM11:20 AMNC3606909A707C
2321002232100240072General Physics Laboratory I27MPAHL, ST12:15 PM3:35 PMNC360613014A14014C
    0      00000000
2331001233100140074General Physics II36MDENN, GTR12:15 PM3:45 PMNC160812048A24048O
    0      00000000
2341001234100140075General Physics Laboratory II13UMAXSON, ST8:00 AM11:20 AMNC3604608A707C
2341002234100240245General Physics Laboratory II25MPAHL, SW12:15 PM3:35 PMNC360411014A14014

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