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        FALL 2010
MSCDUCDTOTAL   FALL 2010            
1130enr1168enr2298   Updated Thu, 02-Sep-2010 @ 09:43 AM            
1000001 51517Introduction to Physics48MDENN, GMW11:00 AM12:50 PMNC152548 48A    
1000003 51518Introduction to Physics S-P18MDENN, GMTWR  NC360418 40A    
1000003.1  Introduction to Physics S-P MTHOMAS, SM10:00 AM11:50 AMNC3604        
1000003.2  Introduction to Physics S-P MLOATS, JT5:00 PM6:50 PMNC3604        
1000003.3  Introduction to Physics S-P MKRANTZ, RW12:00 PM1:50 PMNC3604        
1000003.4  Introduction to Physics S-P MDOVE, JR2:00 PM3:50 PMNC3604        
1000004 52158Intro to Physics/Internet28MLOATS, JONLN  ONLI28 30A    
   94          94    
190A001 #N/ACurrent Trends in Physics MDENN, GF9:00 AM9:50 AMNC1311        
1040001 51028Introduction to Astronomy54MDENN, GM8:30 AM9:45 AMNC160854 54A    
1040002 51029Introduction to Astronomy63MSAHAMI, VTR5:30 PM6:45 PMNC120263 65A    
1040003 51030Introduction to Astronomy S-P29MSAHAMI, KMTWR  NC360429 30A    
1040005 51031Intro to Astronomy/Internet28MSESSIONS, L   ONLI28 29A    
1040006 52503Intro to Astronomy/Internet19MSESSIONS, L   ONLI19 20A    
1040007 56706Intro to Astronomy/Internet20MSESSIONS, L   ONLI20 20A    
   193          193    
1052001105200151754General Astronomy I57USADUN, AMW1:00 PM2:15 PMNC160810 10A47 48 
1052002105200251755General Astronomy I59UDHUNGANA, RTR3:00 PM4:15 PMNC160810 10A49 48 
 1100001 Foundations of Physics28UMALTEMPO, MTR8:00 AM9:50 AMNC1315    28 32 
 1100OL1 Foundations of Physics26UMALTEMPO, MONLN  ONLI    26 27 
1250001 53116Physics of Aviation25MFREUDENSTEIN, SMW9:00 AM10:50 AMNC152525 25A    
1250001.1    MFREUDENSTEIN, SF9:00 AM11:50 AMNC3606        
2010001201000151519College Physics I97MKRANTZ, RMW3:00 PM4:50 PMNC160847 47A50 48 
2010002201000251520College Physics I82UGEYER, RMW7:00 PM8:50 PMNC160834 43A48 53 
2010003201000351521College Physics I98UDHUNGANA, RTR9:00 AM10:50 AMNC160845 48A53 48 
   277          126   151
2020001202000151522College Physics II89MLOATS, JTR1:00 PM2:50 PMNC160831 42A58 58 
2020002202000254416College Physics II44UDHUNGANA, RMW5:00 PM6:50 PMNC15259 19A35 27 
   133          40   93
2030001203000151523College Physics Lab I30MOHARA, ST12:00 PM1:50 PMNC360613 14A17 15 
2030002203000251524College Physics Lab I26UMAXSON, ST2:00 PM3:50 PMNC360610 10A16 20 
2030003203000351525College Physics Lab I27UHOWEY, DT4:00 PM5:50 PMNC36067 8A20 20 
2030004203000451526College Physics Lab I25MHOLT, AT6:00 PM7:50 PMNC360611 13A14 16 
2030005203000551527College Physics Lab I29UMAXSON, SW10:00 AM11:50 AMNC360611 12A18 20 
2030006203000651528College Physics Lab I31MOHARA, SW12:00 PM1:50 PMNC360614 14A17 14 
2030007203000751529College Physics Lab I29MOHARA, SW5:00 PM6:50 PMNC360614 14A15 15 
2030008203000853117College Physics Lab I28UHOLT, AR12:00 PM1:50 PMNC360613 14A15 15 
   225          93   132
2040001204000151530College Physics Lab II33UMAXSON, ST10:00 AM11:50 AMNC36049 9A24 21 
2040002204000251531College Physics Lab II31MOHARA, SW2:00 PM3:50 PMNC360412 13A19 17 
2040003204000354167College Physics Lab II32UMAXSON, SR10:00 AM11:50 AMNC36049 9A23 21 
   96          30   66
2311001231100151559General Physics I93UCARLSON, JMW11:00 AM12:50 PMNC160845 48A48 48 
2311002231100251560General Physics I96MDENN, GMW5:00 PM6:50 PMNC160840 48A56 55 
2311003231100351561General Physics I86MDOVE, JTR11:00 AM12:50 PMNC160838 43A48 53 
   275          123   152
2321001232100151562General Physics Laboratory I31UHOWEY, DT8:00 AM9:50 AMNC360613 14A18 18 
2321002232100251563General Physics Laboratory I31UMAXSON, SW8:00 AM9:50 AMNC360613 14A18 18 
2321003232100351564General Physics Laboratory I33UMAXSON, SW3:00 PM4:50 PMNC360615115A18 16 
2321004232100451565General Physics Laboratory I25MTHOMAS, SW7:00 PM8:50 PMNC360611 14A14 16 
2321005232100553118General Physics Laboratory I26UMAXSON, SR8:00 AM9:50 AMNC360610 14A16 18 
2321006232100653119General Physics Laboratory I31UMAXSON, SR2:00 PM3:50 PMNC360615 15A16 18 
2321007232100753928General Physics Laboratory I28UHOWEY, DR4:00 PM5:50 PMNC360612 14A16 18 
2321008232100854169General Physics Laboratory I29MHOLT, AR6:00 PM7:50 PMNC360613 14A16 15 
   234          102   132
2331001233100153120General Physics II50MHOLT, AMW1:00 PM2:50 PMNC152525 21A25 22 
2331002233100251566General Physics II89UASADI, MTR5:00 PM6:50 PMNC160847 48A42 48 
23310032331WK152315General Physics II27UGEYER, RS8:30 AM12:00 PMNC16089 10A18 15 
   166          81   85
2341001234100153121General Physics Laboratory II27MHOLT, AT12:00 PM1:50 PMNC360412 14A15 15 
2341002234100251567General Physics Laboratory II26MHOLT, AT2:00 PM3:50 PMNC360412 14A14 14 
2341003234100351568General Physics Laboratory II28UDHUNGANA, RW10:00 AM11:50 AMNC360414 14A14 15 
2341004234100452316General Physics Laboratory II28UHOWEY, DW4:00 PM5:50 PMNC360418 18A10 12 
   109          56   53
2711001271100153733Vibrations and Waves27MDOVE, JMW1:00 PM2:15 PMNC132113 20A14 15 
2811001281100153122Modern Physics I27MLOATS, JTR9:00 AM10:50 AMNC152515 24A12 24 
3040001304000153125Modern Cosmology30USADUN, ATR11:30 AM12:45 PMPL21313 24A17 24 
3120001312000153281Mathematical Methods21UASADI, MMW11:30 AM12:45 PMKC2126 15A15 15 
 3151001 BioPhysics Outlook I9UASADI, MM5:30 PM6:20 PMSO111    9 15 
3211001321100153123Analytical Mechanics29MDOVE, JMW3:00 PM4:50 PMNC152513 24A16 24 
3620001362000154015Sound And Music31UMERKEL, JTR2:30 PM3:45 PMNC152511 24A20 24 
3620002362000254440Sound And Music47UMERKEL, JTR1:00 PM2:15 PMNC152524 24A23 24 
3711001371100151569Physics Laboratory I12UCARLSON, JF11:00 AM2:50 PMNC36105 11A7 11 
3721001372100151570Physics Laboratory II3UCARLSON, JF11:00 AM2:50 PMNC3610  10A3 10 
4331001433100153130Electricity and Magnetism21UASADI, MMW1:00 PM2:50 PMNC152111 24A10 24 
4611001461000153131Computational Physics_I MSAHAMI, KM3:00 PM4:50 PMNC3606   C  10 
4620001462000153124Computational Physics_II2MSAHAMI, KTBA  NC36042 10A  10 
4711001471100151571Advanced Physics Laboratory I10MKRANTZ, RF11:00 AM2:50 PMNC36108 10A2 10 
4721001472100151572Advanced Physics Laboratory II1MKRANTZ, RF11:00 AM2:50 PMNC3610  10A1 10 
490D001498000156744General Relativity9MSAHAMI, KMW10:00 AM11:15 AMSO1114 24A5 15 
4920001 51532Physics Senior Seminar2MKRANTZ, RARR   2 24A    
   281          127   154

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