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        SPRING 2015
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MSCDUCDTOTAL   Spring 2015             
1192enr14832675INSTRUCTOR JUST ADDED  Updated = Wed, 04-Feb-2015 @ 12:24 PM            
1000001 30319Introduction to Physics24MLOATS, JMW8:00 AM9:50 AMNC152524 48A    
1000003 30320Introduction to Physics S-P10MSAHAMI, KMTWR  NC360410 30A    
1000003.1  Introduction to Physics S-Pa MDOVE, JM10:00 AM11:50 AMNC3604        
1000003.2  Introduction to Physics S-Pb MLOATS, JT10:00 AM11:50 AMNC3604        
1000003.3  Introduction to Physics S-Pc MTRINH, NW5:00 PM6:50 PMNC3405        
1000003.4  Introduction to Physics S-Pd MTHOMAS, SR8:00 AM9:50 AMNC3604        
1000004 30769Intro. to Physics / Internet38MKENNICUTT, JONLN  ONLI38 40A    
1000005 34072Intro. to Physics / Internet28MMITCHELL, RONLN  ONLI28 40A    
 1100001 Foundations of Physics19UGEYER, RMW2:00 PM3:50 PMNC3207    19 50O
 1100002 Foundations of Physics13UHOSSEINI, HTR8:00 AM9:50 AMNC3205    13 50O
   132        72      
1040001 30039Introduction to Astronomy48MHOLT, AMW11:00 AM12:15 PMNC340748 48A    
1040002 30040Introduction to Astronomy40MSESSIONS, LTR6:30 PM7:45 PMNC340740 48A    
1040003 34298Introduction to Astronomy S-P16MDOVE, JMTWR  NC360416 30A    
1040004 30041Introduction to AST/INTERNET40MSESSIONS, LONLN  ONLI40 40A    
1040005 31036Introduction to AST/INTERNET39MSESSIONS, LONLN  ONLI39 40A    
1040006 32396Introduction to AST/INTERNET38MSAHAMI, VONLN  ONLI38 40A    
1040007 33328Introduction to AST/INTERNET38MSAHAMI, VONLN  ONLI38 40A    
   259        183      
1052001105200130485General Astronomy I108UDHUNGANA, RTR4:00 PM5:15 PMNC153515 30A93 95O
1250001 30465Physics of Aviation27MFREUDENSTEIN, SMW10:00 AM11:50 AMNC160827 28A    
1250001.1  Physics of Aviation Lab MFREUDENSTEIN, SF9:00 AM11:50 AMNC3606        
1250002 31080Physics of Aviation25MFREUDENSTEIN, SMW10:00 AM11:50 AMNC160825 28A    
1250002.1  Physics of Aviation Lab MHOLT, AF12:00 PM2:50 PMNC3606        
   52        52      
2010001201000130285College Physics I36MBIRDBEAR, DTR8:00 AM9:50 AMNC160812 36A24 34O
2010002201000230286College Physics I59UHOLT, AMW2:00 PM3:50 PMNC160827 36A32 44O
2010003201000331872College Physics I38UDHUNGANA, RTR12:00 PM1:50 PMNC16087 48A31 34O
2010004201000432014College Physics I45MKENNICUTT, JTR10:00 AM11:50 AMNC152518 19A27 24C
2010005201000534444College Physics I81UDHUNGANA, RMW10:00 AM11:50 AMNC153913 35A68 85O
   259        64      
2020001202000130287College Physics II82MHOLT, ATR10:00 AM11:50 AMNC160829 36A53 87O
2020002202000230288College Physics II58UDHUNGANA, RMW12:00 PM1:50 PMPL M2049 24A49 58O
2020003202000330289College Physics II28UBIRDBEAR, DMW6:00 PM7:50 PMNC16087 36A21 34O
2020004202000434446College Physics II66UASADI, MTR2:00 PM3:50 PMNC15356 18A60 102O
   234        45      
2030001203000130290College Physics Lab I21UMAXSON, SM12:00 PM1:50 PMNC36065 5A16 25O
2030002203000230291College Physics Lab I23UMAXSON, SM2:00 PM3:50 PMNC36066 6A17 25O
2030003203000330292College Physics Lab I18UMAXSON, ST10:00 AM11:50 AMNC36064 14A14 26O
2030004203000430293College Physics Lab I24ULEITNER, ST12:00 PM1:50 PMNC36067 7A17 23O
2030005203000530294College Physics Lab I24MLEITNER, ST2:00 PM3:50 PMNC360612 14A12 16O
2030006203000632013College Physics Lab I14URUPERT, ET6:00 PM7:50 PMNC36063 14A11 14O
2030007203000733019College Physics Lab I19MFISHER, EW8:00 AM9:50 AMNC36063 14A16 22O
2030008203000834470College Physics Lab I19MTHOMAS, SW10:00 AM11:50 AMNC36066 14A13 18O
2030009203000934471College Physics Lab I22MTHOMAS, SW12:00 PM1:50 PMNC36066 14A16 18O
2030010203001034472College Physics Lab I16UJOHNSON, RW6:00 PM7:50 PMNC36062 14A14 19O
2030011203001134473College Physics Lab I16UMAXSON, SR2:00 PM3:50 PMNC36061 7A15 29O
   216        37      
2040001204000130295College Physics Lab II18ULASS, JM12:00 PM1:50 PMNC36044 14A14 22O
2040002204000230711College Physics Lab II21UMARTINEZ, JM4:00 PM5:50 PMNC36046 14A15 20O
2040003204000330296College Physics Lab II19UMAXSON, ST8:00 AM9:50 AMNC36045 6A14 25O
2040004204000430999College Physics Lab II14MRUPERT, ET2:00 PM3:50 PMNC36041 2A13 31O
2040005204000530297College Physics Lab II15MJOHNSON, RT6:00 PM7:50 PMNC3604  14A15 14C
2040006204000630298College Physics Lab II31ULASS, JW10:00 AM11:50 AMNC36047 6A24 23C
2040007204000730299College Physics Lab II19UJOHNSON, RW12:00 PM1:50 PMNC36044 14A15 22O
2040008204000833020College Physics Lab II14UMAXSON, SW2:00 PM3:50 PMNC36042 3A12 29O
2040009204000933398College Physics Lab II17UMAXSON, SR12:00 PM1:50 PMNC36042 3A15 29O
2040010204001034474College Physics Lab II25UMARTINEZ, JR4:00 PM5:50 PMNC36045 14A20 19C
2040011204001134475College Physics Lab II16UMARTINEZ, JR6:00 PM7:50 PMNC36043 14A13 14O
   209        27      
2311001231100130423General Physics I76MSAHAMI, KMW10:00 AM11:50 AMSI106727 24A49 48C
2311002231100230424General Physics I93UCARLSON, JTR2:00 PM3:50 PMNC160835 36A58 60O
2311003231100330425General Physics I43MMITCHELL, RTR6:00 PM7:50 PMNC160823 36A20 60O
2311004231100430750General Physics I33UGEYER, RS8:30 AM12:00 PMNC160811 48A22 48O
2311005231100534447General Physics I64UMITCHELL, RMW8:00 AM9:50 PMNC160835 35A29 61O
   309        96      
2321001232100130426General Physics Laboratory I28ULASS, JM4:00 PM5:50 PMNC360612 14A16 19O
2321002232100230427General Physics Laboratory I28UJOHNSON, RT8:00 AM9:50 AMNC360613 14A15 19O
2321003232100330428General Physics Laboratory I31MLEITNER, ST4:00 PM5:50 PMNC360612 14A19 20O
2321004232100430429General Physics Laboratory I31ULEITNER, SW2:00 PM3:50 PMNC360614 14A17 19O
2321005232100530430General Physics Laboratory I26ULASS, JW4:00 PM5:50 PMNC36069 14A17 18O
2321006232100630431General Physics Laboratory I25UMAXSON, SR8:00 AM9:50 AMNC36067 7A18 23O
2321007232100730751General Physics Laboratory I30MTHOMAS, SR10:00 AM11:50 AMNC360614 14A16 17O
2321008232100833397General Physics Laboratory I30UFISHER, ER12:00 PM1:50 PMNC360613 14A17 17C
2321009232100934476General Physics Laboratory I31UFISHER, ER4:00 PM5:50 PMNC360612 14A19 19C
2321010232101034477General Physics Laboratory I16UTRINH, NR6:00 PM7:50 PMNC36065 14A11 19O
   276        94      
2331001233100130432General Physics II67MLOATS, JMW12:00 PM1:50 PMNC160837 36A30 24C
2331002233100233006General Physics II55UHOLT, ATR6:00 PM7:50 PMAB150029 36A26 33O
2331003233100330433General Physics II42MDOVE, JMW4:00 PM5:50 PMNC160819 36A23 25O
2331004233100434451General Physics II54UCARLSON, JTR12:00 PM1:50 PM153512 16A42 59O
   218        85      
2341001234100130435General Physics Laboratory II27URUPERT, EM6:00 PM7:50 PMNC360413 14A14 14C
2341002234100230614General Physics Laboratory II23UMAXSON, ST12:00 PM1:50 PMNC360410 10A13 23O
2341003234100330436General Physics Laboratory II28URUPERT, ET4:00 PM5:50 PMNC360413 14A15 17O
2341004234100430437General Physics Laboratory II30UMAXSON, SW8:00 AM9:50 AMNC360414 14A16 18O
2341005234100534478General Physics Laboratory II29UDHUNGANA, RR10:00 AM11:50 AMNC360414 14A15 18O
2341006234100634479General Physics Laboratory II29MFISHER, ER2:00 PM3:50 PMNC360414 14A15 17O
   166        50      
2711001271100131606Vibrations and Waves18UASADI, MTR9:30 AM10:45 AMNC340714 24A4 12O
2811001281100130438Modern Physics I16UHUBER, MTR2:00 PM3:50 PMNC340712 24A4 52O
3011001282100131206Modern Physics II12MSAHAMI, KMW12:30 PM1:45 PMNC340712 24A  10O
3050001305000131210General Astronomy II7USADUN, AMW2:00 PM3:15 PMNC15251 24A6 48O
 3082001 Energy and the Environment3UGEYER, RMW9:30 AM10:45 AMNC3205    3 26O
 3161001 Biophysics Outlook II8UTAGG, RT10:00 AM10:50 AMNC1525    8 10O
3411001341100130439Thermal Physics12USADUN, ATR12:30 PM1:45 PMNC15257 24A5 48O
390S001345100132545Biophysics of the Cell7USHEPHERD, DMW2:00 PM3:50 PMNC34071 24A6 10O
3620001362000130604Sound and Music44UMERKEL, JTR2:00 PM3:15 PMNC152521 24A23 24O
3620002362000231822Sound and Music24MLOATS, JTR3:30 PM4:45 PMNC152513 24A11 24O
3811001381100134032Quantum Mechanics20MDOVE, JTR4:00 PM5:15 PMNC34078 24A12 20O
 4351001 Bioelectromagnetism6UASADI, MTR12:00 PM1:50 PMNC1605    6 15O
4550001455000134794Astrophysics18MDOVE, JTR11:00 AM12:15 PMNC340713 30A5 30O
4611001461000131329Computational Physics I5MSAHAMI, KM2:00 PM3:50 PMNC36044 10A1 30O
4620001462000132078Computational Physics II MSAHAMI, KM2:00 PM3:50 PMNC3604  10C  5O
3711001371100130440Physics Laboratory I4MKRANTZ, RF11:00 AM2:50 PMNC36104 24A  20O
3721001372100130441Physics Laboratory II5UTAGG, RF11:00 AM2:50 PMNC3610  24A5 20O
4711001471100130442Advanced Physics Laboratory I8MKRANTZ, RF11:00 AM2:50 PMNC36102 24A6 20O
4721001472100130443Advanced Physics Laboratory II1UTAGG, RF11:00 AM2:50 PMNC36101 24A  20O
4921001 33333Physics Senior Seminar1MKRANTZ, RTBAARRARRTBA1 10A    
   237        127     
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