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There are some general instructions below.

The Federal Government protects students rights to privacy.
We are NOT supposed to post grades in any public way.
In fact, MSU Denver has stipulated that we may not post grades.

We now have a way to report grades to any individual student via the web.

The program is called GradeReport.

The online program just spits out your grade information. It calculates nothing. It just reports.
It requires you have a tab-delimited text file with key words (such as classnumer, faculty, assignment, ...) as well as userid's, passwords, and then of course all the grade information you desire.

You create your spreadsheet gradebook as you desire (using the keywords and their placement).
Then export the spreadsheet as a tab-delimited text file. MSExcel does this for you. :)
You upload this text file using the the GradeReport program.
Then your students can visit the site and see their individual grades with any announcements you have for them.

Here is the web link to put on your web page, if you so desire:

Your tab-delimited text file needs to have a name that matches your class number:
2311002.txt is one example. The .txt extension is critical.

About GradeReport
GradeReport was originally created by the Late Dr. Larry Martin and copyrighted in 1997. He passed away in Fall 2002.
He was also the author of a program called WebAssign.
GradeReport has been bug-fixed and vastly change/expanded by Douglas Howey of Metropolitan State College of Denver in 2003.

Instructions on GradeReport's use:

GradeReport reads gradebook type data in a tab-delimited text file.
It finds the student name (the student who logged in) and reports to them their grades as you have stored in the text file.

The Student Logs In Using
  1. The Classnumber (which includes the section). i.e. 2030004
  2. UserID (casesensitive) and Password given in one of two ways:
The Student Sees:
  1. Their personal grades listed by assignment name.
  2. The class averages, stdev, max, min (if defined by you in the gradebook file.)
  3. Any comments you have written to the individual student
  4. Any comments you have written to the whole class
  5. Any image files or web links you have referenced in the comments sections.
  6. An email form to send a quick email to you while maybe copy/pasting some of their questionable grades into the email form.
The Instructor Logs In Using
  1. The Dummy Classnumber which is literally dummy
    UserID (casesensitive) and Password are
    given by the maintainer of the GradeReport Program in your department:
    This is the way to login for the first time during the semester, or if their is a problem with your gradebook.
    After that use the next method.
  2. Using the classnumber, facultylogin, and facpassword as defined in the gradebook text file created by the instructor.
The Instructor Sees:
  1. All the grade information for a randomly picked student in the gradebook.
  2. An upload form that allows for the instructor to upload
How to create a GradeBook file for GradeReport:
  1. First Create a spreadsheet file with certain parameters. Parameters definded below.
  2. Copy the worksheet and save the copy as a tab-delimited text file with name such as 1040002.txt
How to create a GradeBook Spreadsheet understood by GradeReport:
Here are some basic instructions.
There are two sample spreadsheets below that you may download.
  • The first column has keywords in blue.
  • Keywords are as follows:
    Comments Assignment Key Average Due Total StDev Stdev Max Min Course Faculty FacPassword FacEmail Password
  • GradeReport looks only in the first column for keywords.
  • A row without anything in the first column will NOT be reported to the student.
  • The second column is used by GradeReport and nothing in it will be reported to the student.
  • UserID's need to be in the first column, their passwords in the second column.
  • If a password is listed for a student as GetiUserID,
    then GradeReport will utilitize the Get UserID program.
  • You can write comments to the whole class by using the keyword Comment and then having comments in cells found in columns C,D,E,...
  • You can write private comments to a student by having an Assignment named "Comment" and just type comments as if it were a score on an assignment, see below for samples of both types of comments.
  • Sample MSExcel File
    You may download these MSExcel files to see spreadsheet examples.

    I have pre-created gradebooks for instructors who desire one.
    My gradebooks are pre-formatted with your students names already in them!
    It can have many classes in one workbook.
    It allows you to define four grade types (i.e. Quizzes, Tests, Homeworks, Projects, or whatever)
    each with their own Semester Weight, Point Value, and Drop N Worst Scores.
    There are spaces for 60 assignments.
    It has some routines that sort by total grade, student, or school.
    It also exports for the online GradeReport program. (Which isn't hard to do; it just does it for your convenience.)
    And, it imports grades from the FREE online assessment software some of us use.
    Just let me know, and I'll put one on a CD with a movie that shows how to work it.
    Or, I can just email you the gradebook and you can try to figure it out. :)

    5MB 800x600 Overview QuickTimeMovie: Not recommended for slow connections!

    30MB 800x600 More Detailed QuickTimeMovie: Not recommended for slow connections!

    Please enter your Classnumber, UserID and Passcode. All are CaseSeNSaTiVe.

    ClassNumber: UserID: Password:
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